Strike Documentation

Download and Launch

To download Strike you must first join the discord here. Once joined there is a channel under the name downloads the latest file will be listed there in blue text click to download it. It will open the link in a browser the file should download correctly if not follow steps listed in the common questions discord channel or this page. Next run the file it will likely pop up a dialog saying the "Windows protected your pc" this is because the file is not signed this is normal to run the file anyway press the text stating More info then press the new button that appears that says "Run anyway". Keep in mind Minecraft must be launched first.

Key Binding or Hotkeys

To Bind a key in Strike it is a simple process of hold the ctrl key(usually located at the bottom left of your keyboard) while left-clicking the module (or button) you would like to bind. The buttons text will change to "Awaiting Key" you can then bind the key to anything. To unbind a key press escape with the awaiting key appears.

Finding More Modules

Though it's not easy to see the Movement and Visual Tabs are scrollable and reveal more modules such as RGBChat and Cubecraft Fly. The reason the scroll wheels are not visual is it causes the UI to look less refined so they have been chosen to be hidden.

Hiding the UI

To Hide Strike UI Press the minus key or - on your keyboard.

Config System

Strike Client has a config system listed under the Misc Tab to save your config press save a dialog should appear asking you where to save the file select the directory then save it as "filename".json (saving it as .json or .JSON is important because if not done you will not be able to load the file). To load an already saved or download file press the load button and select the path and file.

Virus Flags

It is common for Strike to be flagged as malware as it edits memory which can cause false malware detections by antiviruses.
Why should I trust this program?:
Short answer there is nothing saying you have to use Strike but if you want some sort of re-assurance Strike has had 60,000+ Launches of the client and a very active Discord

Other Knowledge

Strike Client will sometimes not get closed properly and will continue running we assure you the file is safe (We wouldn't have a 4.6k member Discord server if it wasn't) the reason this is, is because closing the program via the taskbar does not properly end the process and only hides the UI to close it press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + Escape and press more info right-click the Strike process and press End Task.

Contact us

The Developers of Strike are most active on Discord to contact them through it add Flash_#1337. We allow content of Strike to be created as long as the website and discord are clearly linked.